I am so fortunate to wake up every morning feeling happy, full of energy and ready for whatever the day brings.  I enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle based on nourishing my body through food and exercise and by living with a positive energy that pours over into every aspect of my life.

Food has always been my passion - as a child my mother grew vegetables in our backyard and taught my sister and I how to make french bread and can vegetables at the age of 5.  My journals marked time by the passage of tasty meals and what meal was next.  I show people I love them by cooking for them, and enjoy few things more than sitting at a table with friends and family, enjoying each others company over a fantastic meal.

I believe that food is a source of joy, vitality, harmony and is the ultimate medicine.  What we eat and how we eat will shape our lives.  Through food, we can live healthier, happier and more balanced lives, experiencing life the way it was intended.  By listening to our bodies and treating them well, we can truly maximize their potential and be the best version of ourselves.

I grew up in St. John, Virgin Islands, attending Pine Peace School followed by Antilles in St. Thomas.  I received my undergraduate degree from American University in Washington D.C. -  a B.S. in Business and Marketing with a minor in graphic design.  Upon graduation, I moved to Santa Monica, CA. In 2007, I launched and own Dell et Ruhs Public Relations, a boutique fashion PR firm and ran a successful Los Angeles-based PR firm for 7 years.  

It was in SoCal that my love of food became my next project - in a state that grows every fruit and vegetable under the sun, and where yoga, hiking, running, paddleboarding and being fit are the “it” pass times, my desire to live an even healthier lifestyle blossomed.  I read every health and nutrition book I could get my hands on, I frequented the farmer’s market and my local co-op to learn about and try new fruits and veggies as well as every superfood under the sun.  Soon, my husband and I were blending and juicing and eating raw foods every month.  It sounds crazy, but it felt SO good! We had more energy than ever, were never sick, and felt alive!

I have since returned home to the Virgin Islands to raise my son and help the Virgin Islands community thrive through health and wellness initiatives. In a place where healthy options are limited and people think that a healthy lifestyle isn't available to them, I hope to make an impact on the community and make nourishing options accessible.  I also ship Be. Superfood Blends worldwide.